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  • Rubber sole

  • Made from 100% Natural Rubber: Natural rubber is a natural and sustainable resource, rubber is sourced from the Para rubber tree, it is the sap or "latex" that flows from the bark of the rubber tree. Natural Rubber is LATEX, this is a latex product.

  • Durable & Water Resistant: One of the many benefits of using Natural rubber vs synthetic rubber is that is is high tensile, meaning it can bend and stretch without losing its durability. Another benefit of Natural rubber is it can get wet and still maintain it's durability.

  • Eco Friendly Product: Natural rubber is a sustainable resource, a rubber tree can be tapped successfully without harming the tree.

  • Comfort: Natural rubber soles are soft and yet still maintains its durability, when other flip flops usually fall apart. You can't go wrong with a Natural Rubber Flip Flop.

  • Fun to wear: Last but not least our fun tropical themes are a hit with many. Great for men, women, girls and boys, everyone has a favorite, find your favorite today.

  • Good Quality Flip Flops

    Both sole and strap are made from 100% Natural Rubber
    Natural Rubber is sourced from the Pará rubber tree or Hevea brasiliensis tree.
    Rubber trees like subtropical climates, such as South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, the rubber we use is sourced from Thailand
    Natural rubber is a sustainable material, the rubber is tapped and flows down the bark of the tree into a collection pan
    Rubber trees are fast growing and can be harvested as early as 6 years old
    With proper care a rubber tree can be harvested for up to 20 years without harming the tree

    Many Benefits to Natural Rubber

    Natural rubber is soft and pliable. Our flip flops are made to be comfortable with soft cushioned soles.
    Natural rubber is also high tensile, meaning it can bend, and stretch without losing its durability
    Our flip flops are also wear resistant, you can wear our flip flops without worrying they will fall apart soon after buying them.
    Of you get them wet, no worries, they are water resistant; You can wear our flip flops by the pool, and the beach without losing its durability.

    Fun Tropical Themes

    Not only are our flip flops quality made, durable and comfortable, they are also really fun to wear.
    With fun tropical fish, ocean creatures, tropical plants and birds, you can see why many people love our flip flops.

    Beachcomber Blue Water Natural Rubber Flip Flops Powder Blue Tangs-Available in Women's Men's Sizes- Eco-Friendly-Blue